Monday, January 11, 2016

Better Meal Choices

I've been on a pretty good streak of just plain old making better choices - with regards to both food and activity.

This was lunch today:

Lettuce, turkey, cheese and mustard with a fig bar snack (I got these on sale at the co-op, they're made with a really great ingredients and fill me up great!)

Breakfast was organic waffles with peanut butter and cottage cheese on the side.

Dinner will be a veggie/butternut squash soup.

If I eat grains with breakfast, like today, I'll do just veggies and protein for lunch. Some days I do protein/fruit for breakfast and will have bread at lunch. Dinners are getting closer to our old, pre-pregnancy dinners - lots of veggies and protein. Last night's dinner was cod with an almond meal crust, broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes.

Taking in a ton of water, too - breastfeeding seems to completely dehydrate me no matter how much I drink!

Still around 145, but definitely feeling MUCH better now that I'm eating better, less junk, more nutrition, and more well rounded (not 80% carbs like when I was eating poorly!).

Takes effort to not indulge in food as pleasure (especially when I'm stressed with Hunter!) but it's worth it. I feel more energetic, for sure :)

Hunter making his weird face in his bear suit :)

Family walk at the golf course- got in 3 miles here!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better Jeanette. Your sandwich looks great. I like how you eat and would like to eat similarly someday. It is going to take some work and time to improve my eating habits and preferences. This week I am concentrating on just eating less than I normally do and increasing my water intake. Small changes but will be huge start if I accomplish these this week.

    Hunter is so cute. I wouldn't mind having a jacket like his, it looks so soft and warm. Hope you have a great week.


    1. It definitely took a few years once I started wanting to get healthy to really change my food preferences! As a young adult, into my 20s, I was a junkaholic! My tastebuds rebelled for a while once I started to alter how I ate.

  2. You're doing well :) It takes awhile to get back to normal after having a baby but it will happen. I'm glad everything is settling down for you - Hunter is gorgeous, enjoy this time.

  3. So nice to get out and about for a family walk.

    All the best Jan

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