Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trying to fit it all in!

Obviously blogging had to fall by the wayside - but rest assured, not much has changed for me!

I lost a lot of my 2nd trimester energy and have been feeling very lightheaded/dizzy. Turns out my platelet levels have dropped below the normal range again - my OBGYN is having me go see a hematologist for testing, monitoring and potentially a transfusion before I'm due. I can't get an epidural if my levels are this low (I haven't decided I definitely want an epidural - but I want the option!!).

Also - the baby has been measuring small so I'm getting an ultrasound next week to check on it's development. The doctor assured me it's probably nothing - human error in measuring my belly or the baby was turned sideways, etc. I'm looking forward to making sure everything is okay, though!

So- my life is work, schoolwork, house chores and getting the nursery ready. I'm working hard to make sure life is as ready as it can be when the baby comes!!

I've been decently sedentary aside from my walking (9-10k steps) because of all the lightheadedness. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe! So no additional working out for now - it's hard enough just to vacuum!!

I have a wedding to attend today - and then MY baby shower next week (excited!). Will try to post more in the interim!


  1. Good call , IMO on the hematologist being involved. It should make labor and delivery a multiple of times safer for you. I remember your earlier platelet stuff. ( in the Hematology field for real life job 27+ years).

    My daughter remained either transverse or breech the entire pregnancy. She never turned. My doc always fired up the ultra sound, "I don't trust myself, either that or your baby has a hard butt... wait, maybe that's a head, lets have a look.... " The fill-in midwives would just crack up and do my exams without the ultrasounds- "Ummmm, yes, we can tell a head from a butt". Huge jokes those last two months.

    Hoping for the best and super, super smart to get any platelet issues reviewed and a plan or two in place. Onward and best wishes to you and the soon to be born baby.