Sunday, May 5, 2013

Short N Sweet

Just a quick check in -

I jumped off the paleo wagon this weekend. Had wine and cheese at a bachelorette party (though I ordered a garden salad for dinner, eh). Definitely bloated and feeling the regret afterwards.

On a lighter note:

I won tickets to see my dream-man's band in Boston to an invite-only show (Jared Leto - lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars) this week! I flipped out... I never win anything, and I ALMOST didn't believe this one.

But I am exhausted - had the bachelorette party on Saturday and my Grandma's 98th (yes - NINETY EIGHTH) birthday party today. Drinking coffee and hoping to make it to Game of Thrones tonight.

Back on the Paleo bandwagon. Got to own the mistake and the damage done to my body and get back to feeling good.

Hope everyone else behaved better than I did this weekend!!

Love ya, forgive me, etc, etc :)



  1. And when exactly are you going to be in Boston??? ;)

    1. We will be there on Tuesday for the show! If we can swing it, we were going to try to get there early to enjoy more of Boston than just the theater, but Chris has to work, so might now be able to-- we will see!

    2. Hey, I need to ask you something -- shoot me an email ( if you have a minute. Thx!

  2. Congrats on the tix! That's awesome. It's going to be a great week...believe it :)