Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Picture; Back to Work

Here's a little picture update of me (Hunter is usually the star of photographs now!):

Feeling ok - but definitely still wanting to lose these last 10 pounds. Clothes don't fit great and I'm not loving my shape right now... But not hating it either! Progress is being made.

Work is lame. I'd much rather be home, cuddling my boy and changing his diapers, letting him feed all day!! Pumping at work in a quiet, lonely room stinks. I was getting out a lot, socializing and whatnot, so I don't even appreciate the "adult" time.

Eh. I'll figure it out.

Just focusing on keeping the family healthy and happy for now!


  1. I remember the feeling well!!! Go easy on yourself. Know that you may not lose weight until you stop breast feeding- (probably natures protection to keep your milk flowing).

    But you cannot buy the good health benefits for your son, so keep up the good work and keep focusing on priorities that will keep you and your baby well

  2. I think you are looking good.

    "Just focusing on keeping the family healthy and happy for now!"
    Makes sense to me.

    All the best Jan

  3. You look great! Be kind to yourself - know that you are doing a great job. This mom thing is tough work - throw a job into the mix, and, well, it's easy to feel overwhelmed (it was for me, at least) Take care!

  4. You look really great! Only 10 lbs. to get off? You're doing awesome.

  5. Was glad to hear things are going well. I did see this when you posted, thanks, but must not have commented.

    Hope you are all still healthy and getting sleep. My guess is the weekends just fly by for you, just get use to being home and it is back to the work week schedule.

  6. Where is you lady? I want Hunter pics! I hope all is well!!

  7. You look wonderful - enjoy your time with your son, they grow up SO fast!